Mwuka Wera Utumanukire | Come Holy Spirit    

Kinyarwanda is the official language of Rwanda and is also spoken in parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda.

Typically, the invocation to the Holy Spirit will be used several times during the worship service at Pentecost which will focus around the reading from Acts 2 with other Pentecost related scriptures. Congregation members may invite one another to their homes to share a drink to celebrate.

The following is one of the songs used at Pentecost (with English translation in italics):

Who teaches us
(Hymn 107)


Twemezwa n’ iki ko tuzagera mw ijuru?
Who teaches us we are Heaven bound?
N’ Umwuka w’ Ihoraho
It is the Spirit of Eternal God
Ibyiringiro nk’ ibyo twabihabwa na nde?
Who can give us such hope?
N’ Umwuka w’ Ihoraho
It is the Spirit of Eternal God


Dushak’ uwo Mwuka Wera
We are after that Holy Spirit
Ni Yesu wawutugeneye.
Jesus promised Him to us


Umwuka Wer’ akora imirim’ ikomeye
The Holy Spirit does mighty works
Ni wo wemez’ abantu
He is one who convicts people
Tugir’ ubwoba cyan’ iyo tutakimwumva
We are afraid when we hear him no more
Twibaz’ icyo twakora
We wonder what to do.


Mu gih’ ubona k’ utagifit’ urukundo
When you have no more love
Menya yuk’ uwo Mwuka Yabonye
Know that that Spirit has seen that
k’ uyoborwa n’ umubiri wawe
You are living according to the flesh;
Musab’ uti: garuka!
Ask Him: “Come back!”


Turagusaba Mwami Yes’ umwohereze
Please Lord Jesus send Him to us
Uwo Mufasha wacu,
That advocate of ours
Kuko dufit’ intambar’ ikomeye mw isi
We are involved in a tough war
Turamukwiye rwose
We really need Him now.

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