Contributors | Ngā kaiāwhina

The resources on this website have been collated by the Intercultural Communities Project, a partnership between the Anglican Diocese of Wellington and NZCMS.

We are grateful for and wish to acknowledge the contributions made by the following people towards this project:

  • Rev Chelsea Kirby
  • Rev Emile Pacifique
  • Rev Henry Yap
  • Rev James Vinod
  • Rev Jeke Maikali
  • Rev John Hughes
  • Dr John Linker
  • Rev Laiseni Fanon Charisma Liava’a
  • Rev Māmari Stevens
  • Mannie Marara
  • Marama Pai Simon
  • Rebecca Kristensen
  • Rev Steve Maina
  • Suvendrini Richards
  • Tabea Braun

Please contact us if you would like to contribute to this project.

In Christ,

Rosie Fyfe and Anashuya Fletcher
Intercultural Communities Enablers
Anglican Diocese of Wellington/NZCMS